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ProGreen Clean offers Commercial & Residential Power Washing, Building/Roof Cleaning, Landscaping, Fencing, Painting, Seal Coating, Striping, Tree Trimming and other exterior services to maintain your business or home.

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Exterior Cleaning Services

Power Washing

We pressure wash, power wash and soft wash to clean Homes, Apartments, Restaurants, Storefronts and other Business properties to remove oxidation, grime, rust, etc.

Building & Roof Cleaning

Our team knows how to clean various roofing, home and business exteriors. We remove oxidation, weather stains and get your exterior roofs and buildings looking new again.


We hardscape and landscape residential or business areas. Need simple sprucing up, tree trimming, or gardening for larger project areas? We

Oil & Debris Stain Removal

Litter, food and spills around dumpsters and restaurants and stores are part of our power washing expertise. We power wash business and restaurant equipment too.

Striping, Asphalt & Seal Coating

Renew worn and faded parking lot, striping and appearance with our washing, re-striping and newly laid asphalt. ProGreen Clean removes oil stains, dirt, gum, and grime from soiled areas due to vehicle and foot traffic.

Fence Wash, Staining, Install

Southern weather dramatically affects wood fences. ProGreen Clean power washes wood fencing, stains fencing, and installs new wood fences and wood gates. Call to determine if your wood fence can be washed or if it needs replacement.

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ProGreen Clean Pressure Washing


Whether you need cleaning services for your home, business or industry equipment, we have you covered at PROGREEN CLEAN!

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ProGreen Clean Pressure Washing

Need experts with the right chemical know-how to clean your hard stains?

    ProGreen Clean Heavy Equipment Washing

    Heavy Equipment Washing

    Industrial Machinery, Vehicles & Equipment can be washed by ProGreen Clean to remove stains, oil, dirt, and rust. We can give you a Free Estimate and expected results for the condition your equipment is in.

    Power Washing Tank San Antonio, Texas

    Power Washing

    The benefit to our pressure washing tank system is that we can use hot water. This promotes the best options for the right cleanup issues that your project needs.

    Leaf blowing services, pressure washing driveway, pressure wash sidewalks


    Time to renew the look of your home’s driveway to its former glory! Whether your HOA is requiring or you want to get rid of stains, our residential services team is the best.

    Fence Staining Washing


    From old to new. We provide cleaning, staining or installing wood fencing. From posts cemented in to fence gates – our crew provides excellent installation..


    Commercial or Residential property landscaping, hardscaping, weeding, planting service. March through Summer planting. Debris removal and rock laying.

    Landscaping around pools and enclosures


    We can pressure wash algae, limescale from pool walkways. Need pathways, landscaping around your summertime fun pool area? Call ProGreen Clean. 210-836-6682.


    We relay asphalt in your parking lot to renew and flatten its surface. Our team also does parking lot striping and seal coating. Ready to have a new looking lot that lasts longer? Call ProGreen Clean. 210-836-6682.

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