San Antonio Pressure Wash, Power Wash, Sidewalk Cleaning, Driveway Wash, House Wash, Window Wash, etc.

We’ve teamed up with our community and the Colonial Hills Neighborhood Association to assist in cleaning up this neighborhood.


City sidewalks in the Colonial Hills, San Antonio, Texas neighborhood are only included as noted here.

This is a large project that will take 1 – 2 weeks to complete, so we’ve put together a schedule:

Note: These dates may change due to our team’s scheduling of projects. Changes will be reflected here as we proceed.


Why is this happening?

This neighborhood has been around since the 1960’s and the dirt, pollen, and weathered grime on sidewalks has accumulated in various areas. The Colonial Hills Neighborhood Association Board was approached with the idea to enhance the area. After members voted for the 2024 Budget, the ProGreen Clean project was approved.

Who is Jonathan Garcia?

Mr. Garcia is the owner of ProGreen Clean. He has been in business since 2019 serving the San Antonio and extended areas with exterior maintenance services.

What is being cleaned?

Only city sidewalks immediately along the street sides are being pressure washed.
If you want other services for your home, such as walkway, walkway stairs, porch, driveway cleaning, house washing, roof cleaning, etc. you may request an estimate for these from ProGreen Clean. A one time $50 discount is being offered for extra service booked during April 2024.

When will my street’s sidewalks be cleaned?

The schedule is listed above and may change if ProGreen Clean’s business schedule requires changes. We plan to work beginning in April 2024. Please check back here for updates.

What other Services does ProGreen Clean have?

We are an exterior maintenance and exterior cleaning company. We offer exterior whole house washing, driveway washing, roof washing, window wash, landscaping, wood fence staining or new installation, and tree trimming. We offer other commercial and industrial equipment cleaning services as well. View other services by clicking below.

Does this cost me any money?

The power washing of sidewalks in Colonial Hills will cost you nothing. It is a gift from your neighbor Mr. Garcia, but donations in any amount to ProGreen Clean are highly encouraged by the CHNA Board because this is a generous service at a $5,000 – $7000 value.
You may donate via Venmo to Jonathan-Garcia-337 or Cashapp to $ProgreenCleanLLC
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