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Regular pressure washing is an important step in responsible home and business maintenance. It can prevent stains and other surface damage from forming and extends property life, Our team washes siding, outdoor living areas, sidewalks, driveways and more.


We clean the exterior walls, stone, brick of huge buildings. This extends property life, outdoor areas, provides city and code compliance plus enhances your facility.


A lower soft wash pressure application vs power washing can be better suited on certain applications and materials. Our team determines what is best for your property.


Solar panels require regular maintenance to operate optimally. Our team offers washing debris, dirt from weathering and oxidation from solar panels with our professional washing.


We know how managing your properties is important to maintain for renters. The exterior presentation and proper upkeep of stairways, walkways, and building facade boosts curb appeal and value.


From sidewalks and driveways to roofs and siding, we can maintain your property’s curb appeal. We also make your exterior clean for association requirements.

Residential Pressure Washing

Clean & Protect Your Biggest Investment; Your Home

It’s a fact that your house and property are your most important investment. In order to keep your investment healthy, regular maintenance is required. ProGreen Clean can help.  Whether you plan on staying in your home for years to come, or plan on selling it soon, curb appeal is important. Our trained pressure washing technicians will clean and protect your property from harmful containments, enhancing its curb appeal while increasing value.


Single, multi-car or circular driveways.


Wood or paved deck areas can be washed. Wood staining also available.


Your home is likely the largest investment you will ever make. It makes sense to protect it. Regular pressure washing the exterior is an important step in responsible home maintenance. It can prevent stains and other surface damage from forming and will extend the life of your home.


Don’t Let Harmful Elements Attack & Destroy Your Home’s Exterior. Both natural and man-made elements can adhere to your properties exterior surfaces. Mold, dirt, grime and pollution not only diminish the beauty of your property but can also do permanent damage. The longer mold, dirt and other contaminants remain on your house the harder they are to remove. ProGreen Clean has over 10 years’ experience pressure washing houses, decks, roofs, driveways and many other surfaces that need cleaning and sealing.


Leaf, dirt and grime removal from gutters to rid and prevent clogs and deterioration.


Exterior washing of mobile homes to maintain clean appearance and extend mobile home life.


Paver sealant is an important maintenance tool to keep paver patios, walkways, driveways and pool decks looking as beautiful as they day they were installed.


Protect and clean your pool’s enclosure with our pressure washing services.

  • Typically roofs require soft washing that uses less pressure and more water.
  • Over 30% of roofs, are replaced early because the homeowner was unaware that their roof could be cleaned. Roof cleaning is very affordable however the longer you wait the more the fungus grows and the more costly the cleaning will be. Neglecting to clean your roof will only cause more damage to your roof. 
  • Roof washing uses pump sprayer equipment, while pressure washing uses a high-pressure water spray.
  • Soft washing uses a combination of water spray and chemicals to clean effectively.

Clean and reduce fall risk from algae, dirt, grime and common spills on sidewalks.

Industrial Pressure Washing

Industrial manufacturing facilities require regular cleaning to ensure employee safety, compliance with regulations, and efficient operations. Our facility cleaning services offer a solution for removing dirt, grease, and contaminants from various exterior surfaces and equipment.


Whether you’re operating tractors, excavators, or even forklifts, we clean extreme build-up of dirt, grease, and grime. Neglect of heavy machinery cleaning makes it more difficult to wash and could eventually cause maintenance issues, which significantly reduce the longevity of your construction vehicles.


School campuses are high-traffic areas that require regular cleaning to maintain safety and cleanliness for students and staff. Professional school campus pressure washing services offer a solution for removing dirt, graffiti, and other contaminants from sidewalks, buildings, and outdoor facilities. ProGreen Clean pressure washing promotes safety and cleanliness. With clean and well-maintained campuses, schools can provide a conducive learning environment and supports your student success.


Huge buildings that are tall, multi-level that require higher access are our expertise.


Cleanliness is essential for medical facilities to promote health and safety for patients and staff. Professional medical facility exterior cleaning services offers a solution for removing dirt, contaminants, and pathogens from building exteriors, entryways, and outdoor areas. We understand the importance of medical facility exterior cleaning for infection control and patient confidence. With clean and well-maintained exteriors, medical facilities increase their reputation and provide a safe environment for healing and care.


Large storage facilities need regular and effective cleaning of space, heavy vehicles and equipment. Our cleaning solutions for your project varies and we formulate to combat mold, grime, grease stains and more. This means ProGreen Clean saves you a considerable amount of cleaning time.

Commercial Pressure Washing

The exterior facade of commercial buildings are its public face, and maintaining a clean and attractive appearance is essential for projecting a positive image and attracting customers. We offer cleaning services as a solution for removing dirt, pollution, and stains from exterior surfaces.


Shopping centers rely on cleanliness to attract customers and create a positive shopping experience. Our professional pressure washing services offers a solution for removing dirt, stains, and gum from sidewalks, storefronts, and common areas. Our goal is to aid in maintaining cleanliness and enhancing curb appeal, as well as fulfilling the benefits of outsourcing. With clean and well-maintained premises, shopping centers attract more visitors and support tenant businesses.


Restaurant patios are popular dining spaces, and they require regular cleaning to maintain cleanliness and ensure a pleasant dining experience for guests. We utilize the correct chemicals and applications for removing dirt, grease, and food spills from outdoor dining areas.


From windows to sidewalks, the safety of your customers is a priority. The benefit of our pressure washing and maintenance services is appealing to regular and new shoppers. Our top concerns are making your facades, entryways and common areas looking professional and free from algae, dirt & grime.


How attractive your office looks from the outside has a direct impact on how many customers are convinced to walk through your doors. This is known as curb appeal and is something that every business owner should strive to improve. A building’s curb appeal is harmed more by unsightly dirt, mold, or other forms of debris on exterior walls. If you want to make your building as inviting and welcoming as possible to potential customers, regular cleaning is key. 

The mold and mildew growth that can collect on the exterior surfaces of your building if it is not cleaned regularly doesn’t just make it unattractive; it can also lead to costly damages. Mold and mildew produce acids that are capable of degrading the concrete. Over time, this can compromise the concrete’s strength and integrity along with permanently scarring its appearance. This makes regular concrete cleaning via pressure wash key to prevent expensive repairs in the future.  


Asphalt services provides a strong, smooth surface for your roadway, parking lot or driveway. When you have worn down or asphalt with potholes, call us to repair with our patching services. We also provide seal coating to add protection from harsh weather conditions and exposure to heavy traffic, water, sunlight and chemicals. We give asphalt a brand-new appearance.


We provide visible and clean painted lines for your parking lots that might be faded due to constant wear and traffic. Need marking, parking space lines, directional arrows, handicap space iconss, fire lane striping? Our crew is here to assist you in professional striping services.


Businesses need safe and clean walkways for customers in various Texas weather conditions. Clean paths free of mud, dirt and algae provide clients safer access to your commercial business.


Windows are the first exterior view your customers see. We clean windows that are stained from hard water, weather and dirt buildup. Preserve the value of your windows and benefit from our washing services to gain clear, clean windows.

Hire the Pros

* Our team has years of experience.

* There is more to power water pressure, and the proper detergent type and strength is critical to the washing process. Using the wrong technique can permanently damage your homes surface, landscaping and concrete.

* Our certified cleaning technicians are trained to use our patented equipment and how to apply the best techniques for multiple residential surfaces. They also attend on-going safety training throughout the year. All our cleaning agents are environmentally safe and adhere to federal, state and local requirements.

Pressure and Power Washing Industrial, Commercial, Business, Residential Homes

Elevating Home & Business Presence

* We believe in promoting safety and cleanliness for your home and commercial shops. .

* Protect Your Property with Our Sealing & Protection Products

* Ask your Progreen Clean professional about sealing and protection services. We can protect almost any surface, extending surface life and increasing the time between future cleaning. Our sealers are inexpensive to use and reduce the frequency required between cleanings.

* These can increase the durability of many of your surfaces while enhancing their curb appeal.

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* Are you deciding who to hire or need an idea of what your project will cost? We provide free consultations. Have us come by to view your maintenance needs.

* Pressure washing is the ideal cleaning modality for siding, outdoor living areas, sidewalks, driveways and more. Do you have cobwebs, bird waste, or dirt riddling the exterior of your San Antonio home?

* We are San Antonio’s premier house and business washing service.

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Pressure and Power Washing Industrial, Commercial, Business, Residential Homes

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